Terms and conditions

Currently on the market there are many different car rental cars, rates and special offers. We offer the most favorable terms, which can be found below.

The procedure for registration of such services as car rental is easy. You can select the desired term of the lease and the car on the website and book it using the online form or contact the manager of the company by phone.+38063-270-44-33

1The requirements of the lease

• Minimum age 21
• the driver’s experience of 2 years

2Required documents

• passport
• a valid driver’s license in Ukraine

3Methods of payment

• cash / non-cash
• credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro)

4Issuing / receiving car

Issuing / receiving car near any metro station during business hours free of charge.
Car transmitted only in clean form, car washing after rental period is included in price
Customer may use the car below Kiev to travel to Ukraine without any additional paymant. Travel outside the territory of Ukraine is prohibited.


All vehicles are insured “Full insurance”.

6Actions in case of an accident

Upon occurrence of an accident (accident, damage to your car regardless of cause, any physical or material damage to any person using the vehicle theft, theft of the car or parts of the vehicle seizure or other acts committed against car). Customer must immediately call the police and inform the representative manager Novarent. The client is obliged within 24 hours to give the office a certificate Novarent standard pattern of road traffic accident (RTA) from the police.

7Replacement rental car in the event of a technical failure, crash

Replacement rental car in the event of a technical failure, crash.
Novarent company offers its customers new cars that are in excellent condition, operation and maintenance of which is carried out on the company tehstantsiyah and warranty service station. In the event of technical failure, breakdown, accident rental car can be a replacement for a car of the same price range. Small faults / damages to the rented vehicle may be removed by the Customer at the recommended maintenance items only after consultation with the manager of the company Novarent.

8Liability of the Customer

The client is financially responsible for any damage, theft of the car rented or parts of it, even in the absence of guilt. Customer shall be fully liable for damage to tires, wheels, underbody, and for all traffic violations committed during the use of a car, rent.

9Security deposit

The amount of the security deposit at the time of hire is dependent on the model of the rented car. Security deposit paid at the time of signing the contract and returned to the Lessee, under the conditions of the contract, at the time of transfer of the vehicle to the Lessor.


Rates include full maintenance of the vehicle, and unlimited mileage daily*. Pick-up begins from the moment of signing of transfer vehicle. Delay car for 4 hours or more is paid as the next day of the lease.
Minimum rental period 2 days.

11Long term rentals

Novarent provides services for the long-term car rental (one month or more) at special rates. For more information, please call the office Novarent +38 (063) 270 44 33 or e-mail [email protected]

* Car rental with unlimited mileage valid when ordering a car for 4 days or more.

For more information, please call the office NOVARENT or e-mail us:
+38 063 270 44 33
[email protected]